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Randomness Take 2

Hello! Another Icon post because I need a break from a great bit of
fanfiction Merry recommended. To be honest, I really should wait til
the end of this week and do a properly organized thematic post or
something, but in Mer's words, or word, "feh." These icons are a mix of
Dune-themed, Gadar (Hindi  movie)-themed, and lyrics-inspired. I
think I'll put a random Nagoya one in there as well. Also, next time I
make an lyrics-inspired icon post, I will YSI the songs, and include
the link, so y'all can appreciate the audio that goes with the image.




From "Gadar: Ek Prem Katha" (Mutiny: A Love Story), one of my favourite
hindi movies. Set during the India-Pakistan war, its about a Sikh truck
driver who falls in love with a Pakistani muslim girl.


From "Children of Dune" the Sci-fi channel miniseries. I am aware it
looks like it says "Eto" and not "Leto" and will fix that soon. (Look,
i'm even writing it on a digital post-it...)


Also, from "Children of Dune", this is Chani's (Barbara Kodetova) hand.
Sorry to misleading, but in the image she's giving birth, and not
having all the sex with Paul. Still one of my favourite scenes in the


I like to type random words into Getty Images and see what I get.
Today's was "Lust". I don't know how I got this image but anyway, the
lyric is from the Foo Fighter's "Everlong", a fantastic haunting song
from their earlier albums.


Somebody sent me this image. I don't remember who, and I don't remember
if they took it themselves or found it. I re-found it today while going
through my image files. Please let me know if its your image. Lyrics
from Keane's "Somewhere Only we Know".


Lyrics from Travis' "Side", which I've been trying to find screencaps
of the video because i think its if anyone knows of any...
***Please do NOT take this icon right now. I made it for my sister, and
until she or I comments and says that this image is snaggable, please
don't take it.***

*EDIT* You can take this icon now if you want it. Thanks anish!


My Dad sent me this photo and this icon is kinda for him although feel
free to snag away. Its of Nagoya palace in Japan, and yes, I do notice
the trend of making my Dad building-related icons.

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