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Animated Icon post. (The icons are animated...not the post)

1st post in a long time. I guess its because we're all busy with work at the end of the term. I actually tend to get more creative and motivated to do non-work things when i'm under pressure. Plus its a great way to relax without completely veg-ing out. So here you go, these are some crappy animated icons, a firefly icon and a couple of random icons.

I hope you like the animated ones, they're not fantastic because I was just playing around with Imageready really...but I really like the base images, the artist whom is credited below. The problem with animated icons I find is that you can make the animation seamless really easily, but the file gets really big until you end up with like a 18-frame 60K icon, which isn't really feasible for LJ.

I had another icon I made using art by Sue Anna Joe who is an incredible experimental photographer/artist who lives in Malaysia. However, I don't have permission to use the stuff, so I'm not going to post the icon. I do urge you to check out her deviantart account, its the kinda stuff that i'd want on my wall if I someday get my own house, its that good.

Just a couple more credit-y things, really to remind myself to put
on the Resources and Credits page...

- Firefly screencaps courtesy of  Can't take the Sky: A Firefly site.

- Illustrations from Gettyimages, specifically the artist Mike Wall.

- Spring Blossoms Image taken my Father's student in Xian, China.

Without further ado:



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#5    #6

(The chinese character on Icons #5 and #6 say "Mei" which means "Pretty" in Mandarin Chinese if I remember correctly)

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