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I have to edit a couple of papers but I'm lacking motivation so y'all get icons again. This is my last *sniff* icon post from England, so its special. By special, I mean its a bit faddish, but sue me, I like fads. So, I went a little tiny text crazy this week, and I know it bugs some people so I'll put the actual text in readable format below the icons.
So...can I take your order? Thats, 5 Firefly Icons, 2 Animated Icons, 2 Random Movie and Hindi movie Icons aaand a commemorative Icon. Sounds good, I'll bring it right along.

#1 #2   #3   #4  


#1 "Shiver, I just break up, when I'm near you, it all gets out of hand." (Shiver, by Natalie Imbruglia)
#2 "Firefly, I don't care, I'm still free, You can't take the sky from me."
#3 " So this is what going mad feels like - Simon Tam, Firefly"
#4 "No tiny text on this on unless its so tiny I can't see it nor remember putting it there."
#5 "Love is married love- Zoe and Wash"

#6    #7 

#6 "It is a secret place, the land of tears" (by Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
#7 "Tranquility"

#8    #9 

#8 "Scarecrow, Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins"
#9 Just if people were curious, this image is from the Hindi movie Devdas.


:) Crappy but sentimental.

Would like you like your bill now?

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