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Hi everyone!

I'm Anisha and i'm a newbie to IconTemptations. I'm also archiana 's sister. Anyhoo, this is my first post, so i'll just get right to the icons ok? Here are some random ones i made. Hope you like them :-)

Thanks to GettyImages and Cap_It for the screencaps and pictures!


 #1 #2   #3 #4 #5 #6 

#7 #8

#1 - Summer fever! And i love the pic.
#2 - I  love Rooster - "You took everything away while i was staring at the sun."
#3 - Lion King 2 : Simba's Pride - "We are more than we are, We are one" (I'm a disney fanatic)
#4 - Yoda from Star Wars Ep 3 : Revenge of the Sith - "Master Yoda".
#5 - Anakin and Padme from Star Wars Ep 3 as well
#6 - Kermit aka Spalding from Muppets Treasure Island - "Sailing for adventure on the big blue wet thing" (Quote from Fozzie Bear)
#7 - Duchess from The Aristocats - "Your eyes are like sapphire" (Quote from O'Malley the Alley cat)
#8 - Erm, A Simpsons scrolling icon from one of their halloween eps.



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