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I'm moving to teatree_icons! [19 Jun 2006|04:37pm]

I'm opening my new icon journal, teatree_icons!!

I'm so excited it's finally open!!! This has been a long time coming for me, so I hope you will stop on over there for a quick visit- I've got general interest icons as well as Sailor Moon and Christian ones. I'm open for requests too! I'll post mainly icons, but also desktops and banners as well. And, of course, I'm looking for friends and affiliates! It'd make me happy to have some new friends there.

This does mean that I'm leaving this community, however. It's been nice participating, but there's really not much of a point now that I have my own journal... and no one else seems to be active here except for me, anyway. Hope I see you over at teatree-icons!
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nerdy icons! [30 Oct 2005|06:07pm]

[ mood | scared of grad school applicat ]

The nerdy icons are here! Or at least some of them are... here's my first batch, with many more to come!


Please follow the posted credit/comment rules for the community. Have at 'em!
Requests welcomed!

nerdiness of all kindsCollapse )

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Nerdy icons! [21 Oct 2005|12:55am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Okay, I have ideas for a new batch of icons! These'll be text based, so they're really fast and easy to make... so I want to make a zillion!

I'm such a nerd and know a lot of nerds too, so I'm celebrating all that nerdiness is. My first:


I need some help coming up with names of nerds! Calling all nerds (you know who you are!)

( other nerdy ideas )

What else is nerdish? Have I left anything out?

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wedding icons! [12 Oct 2005|11:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I know I don't have to post with every icon I've made, but I make them so seldomly these days...

The first one was made as a request for easter. Anyone else who would like is free to use with credit, although I don't know that many people who are getting married...

More... plus sailor moon onesCollapse )

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Rent icons [11 Aug 2005|01:07am]

[ mood | excited ]

I've got icons!!!

the iconnessCollapse )

I made these for a friend who is muchos excited about the Rent movie coming out soon! I've always loved the music from Rent as well. ^^ Don't know if anyone from this community will use them, but just let me know if you do!

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[30 Jun 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Hi everyone!

I'm Anisha and i'm a newbie to IconTemptations. I'm also archiana 's sister. Anyhoo, this is my first post, so i'll just get right to the icons ok? Here are some random ones i made. Hope you like them :-)

Thanks to GettyImages and Cap_It for the screencaps and pictures!

First impression icons! <3Collapse )

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[28 Jun 2005|08:44pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I have to edit a couple of papers but I'm lacking motivation so y'all get icons again. This is my last *sniff* icon post from England, so its special. By special, I mean its a bit faddish, but sue me, I like fads. So, I went a little tiny text crazy this week, and I know it bugs some people so I'll put the actual text in readable format below the icons.
So...can I take your order? Thats, 5 Firefly Icons, 2 Animated Icons, 2 Random Movie and Hindi movie Icons aaand a commemorative Icon. Sounds good, I'll bring it right along.

Aaaand, here's your meal! Enjoy!Collapse )

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Ancient icons!! [28 Jun 2005|05:36pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Well, I needed to take a little break after I finished my exam, so... I decided to pull out all my really old icons!!! Yay!! Some of these are pretty bad. Some are not so bad. Hopefully we can all get a little bit of a laugh from these. The weird thing is, I made these after I had been doing webdesign for a while (started in late 2001) but I guess I couldn't apply the same aesthetic principles to both webdesign and icons. They're organized chronologically, oldest first. These range from May 2002 to December 2004.

a history of Larkspur's forays into icon makingCollapse )

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Animated Icon post. (The icons are animated...not the post) [20 Jun 2005|05:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished but not really... ]

1st post in a long time. I guess its because we're all busy with work at the end of the term. I actually tend to get more creative and motivated to do non-work things when i'm under pressure. Plus its a great way to relax without completely veg-ing out. So here you go, these are some crappy animated icons, a firefly icon and a couple of random icons.

I hope you like the animated ones, they're not fantastic because I was just playing around with Imageready really...but I really like the base images, the artist whom is credited below. The problem with animated icons I find is that you can make the animation seamless really easily, but the file gets really big until you end up with like a 18-frame 60K icon, which isn't really feasible for LJ.

I had another icon I made using art by Sue Anna Joe who is an incredible experimental photographer/artist who lives in Malaysia. However, I don't have permission to use the stuff, so I'm not going to post the icon. I do urge you to check out her deviantart account, its the kinda stuff that i'd want on my wall if I someday get my own house, its that good.

Just a couple more credit-y things, really to remind myself to put
on the Resources and Credits page...

- Firefly screencaps courtesy of  Can't take the Sky: A Firefly site.

- Illustrations from Gettyimages, specifically the artist Mike Wall.

- Spring Blossoms Image taken my Father's student in Xian, China.

Without further ado:



Its alive! Its aliiiive!Collapse )

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hee hee hee~ just wanted to show this off [08 Jun 2005|01:22pm]

[ mood | awake ]

                                                  icons are love~

Yeah, I know it's kind of making fun of the whole 'marriage is love' campaign of the gay rights activists, which is why I haven't made one of these before, but I just couldn't resist... Plus I think most people don't even realize the link to the 'marriage is love' anyway.

edit: you can see the unbroken color bar if you click on 'post comment'.

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Icon post #2 of the day! Woohoo! [08 Jun 2005|12:11am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

More icons! Five of them! Most of these are pretty recent, and I've
been in a funk, so they haven't turned out fantastic, particularly the
"Desire" one of Marlon Brando, which I had a huge unnecessary crisis
over...I did make my first animated icon recently, so thats up! The
rest are of Dr. Who (warning: PS-created shippiness!) and this weird-ass (no pun intended) bunny that I found on cap_it. In any case, enjoy again!


Sha la la...Collapse )

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Randomness Take 2 [06 Jun 2005|11:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello! Another Icon post because I need a break from a great bit of
fanfiction Merry recommended. To be honest, I really should wait til
the end of this week and do a properly organized thematic post or
something, but in Mer's words, or word, "feh." These icons are a mix of
Dune-themed, Gadar (Hindi  movie)-themed, and lyrics-inspired. I
think I'll put a random Nagoya one in there as well. Also, next time I
make an lyrics-inspired icon post, I will YSI the songs, and include
the link, so y'all can appreciate the audio that goes with the image.



Without further adieu....Collapse )

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[01 Jun 2005|05:24pm]


Jedisquirrel taken from the lovely CentaDragon, cheesy quote sort of from the cousin. Well, she said, "these are not the nuts you are looking for" and I thought, hey, if I make it nut singular, you get a whole double meaning thing going on! Then my brain went wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and left me again.

No taking please, I'm going to make it my default for a while. Also, the artist only gave me permission to use it and I don't want people abusing her trust. Thanks!

Should I post these things as I make them, or wait and do a weekly update of everything I've made? Opinions appreciated.
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christian icons [31 May 2005|10:20pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Christian icons coming up! I've been hoarding these for quite a while! Some of these I like a lot better than others, most of the text on them I've found to be significant over the years.

obligatory samples:

the restCollapse )

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[31 May 2005|04:58pm]

It's been a weird day. My head hurts. The toast was supposed to fix it but it didn't. The koala is for Alex, but he probably won't mind sharing.

The toast icon is almost all mine. I made the sparkles from a picture of light reflecting on water, and the toast is just a picture of toast I googled for. The koala was another google find. Generic koala picture.
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Hear ye, hear ye! [30 May 2005|10:38pm]


Alrighty then, this is a little informational post for anyone who's waiting in the wings, as it were.

This community was originally set up by archiana, larkspurlazuli and myself as a place to show eachother icons and just fiddle about.  We're happy to have people join in the fun, but given how small the community currently is, we'd like to get to know you first.  Comment on an entry, leave us a link to your journal and maybe some of the icons you've made, basically just say "hi" before you try to join.  We've got the community set so that one of us has to authorize requests to join, and if we have no idea who you are, we're not going to do so. 

So, drop us a note and we'd love to meet you!

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Doctor Who Icon post [30 May 2005|01:21pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Ok, quick post to put up some icons I made from the new Dr. Who screencaps. *squee* I love that show. Merry and myself *squee*-ed our way through a bunch of eps last night and it was incredibly fun, but probably too much estrogen for Alex, who was visiting.  Anyway, they're  mostly of the same base image, and I might x-post to a dr.who icon community, but I don't know of any...ah well, will surf around.  Btw, I have posted icons to mash_icons that I haven't posted here sorry about that, i'll post them here soon!!
*EDIT* Sorry! I made one more! Its in the cut! I'm on a roll, sorry!

I'm glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words.Collapse )

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Boys, Boys, Boys, Boys, Boys.... [26 May 2005|08:10pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

...you make me feel so good.

Merry is probably going to say something about how I'm horny, and thats
probably true, but here are 5 Icons- yes lizzadies, they're all boys.

On a side note, I'm in a terrible mood. And the essay is going nowhere
worthwhile. The mood shows up in Icon #1 which I just made...


Boygasms!Collapse )

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First post! 9 misc icons, and others~ [26 May 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Icon postage right here!!

I don't have a bunch of funny things to say about each of them, but I do have a lot that have gotten backlogged.


now showing at an lj near youCollapse )

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My tummy grumbles and mutters about anarchy... [26 May 2005|12:06am]


For Becca.  Because of boredom and hunger, and my taking an offhand comment way too far.  If you want it, you have to ask her.

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