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Ancient icons!!

Well, I needed to take a little break after I finished my exam, so... I decided to pull out all my really old icons!!! Yay!! Some of these are pretty bad. Some are not so bad. Hopefully we can all get a little bit of a laugh from these. The weird thing is, I made these after I had been doing webdesign for a while (started in late 2001) but I guess I couldn't apply the same aesthetic principles to both webdesign and icons. They're organized chronologically, oldest first. These range from May 2002 to December 2004.

- 2002

~ based on a self portrait I drew. Don't you love the font? Gak.
~ Michelle Branch's eye. (Yes, I still love the tilde)

Anti-aliased text, yay. What a breakthrough, I wrote something other than "Larkspur" on my icon!!!

- 2003

~ I still like this one.
~ one I made for someone else
~ That says "shadows dance across my skin" if you can't read it.

~ I hope someone gets the concept of this icon. Else I have labored in vain! It was my optimism/happy icon for a long time.


- I actually still like this one a lot.

My first attempts to be all artsy with my text, made last summer. After I made them, I just went, "Something is wrong with this..." but I didn't know how to fix it. Okay, the second one really isn't bad.

~ Breakthrough, started using small caps Times New Roman. This actually looked ok. I still use this type of font on lots of my icons.
~ October 2004, pretty decent looking by this time, I think
~ December 2004, what happened? Ick.
And I think I started making icons for public use this February. Icon tutorials have been responsible for a lot of my improvement. The first time I learned about the exclusion layer (dark blue on exclusion) I was like, "eureka!"

If anyone has the desire to use these icons, be my guest! You know, usual rules in the userinfo.

And one more thing! I think in 2001 I made a lot of horrible desktops by collaging together Sailor Moon images. I've still got them on my Sailor Moon website (shamefully) -- here's the link to the page. Although you should visit the main page if you want to look around the site, because it's in frames.
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